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Coronavirus and its Impact on U.S. Immigration

In this episode, Attorney Melissa Aguinaga discusses the limited re-opening of certain immigration offices in the United States, follows up on DACA, how the novel coronavirus is impacting immigration and potentially driving immigration fee increases. She also discusses other topics in the news impacting immigration and travel including the continued closure of our borders with Canada and Mexico for all non-essential travel as well as the protests springing up around the country.


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Changes to Work Permits for Asylum Seekers

The rules for asylum seekers applying for employment authorization documents, more commonly known as work permits, are changing. In a nutshell:

  • Asylum seekers cannot apply for a work permit until 365 days after filing for asylum,
  • Asylum seekers who file for asylum more than 1 year after their date of entry will not be eligible for a work permit,
  • Asylum seekers will not be eligible for a work permit if they have a criminal conviction for a non-political crime outside the US,
  • The Department of Homeland Security is amending regulations to remove language stating that asylum applications are deemed complete if properly filed with US Citizen and Immigration Services ("USCIS") and USCIS fails to return the application as incomplete within 30 days,
  • Even if an asylum seeker meets all of the above additional requirements and his or her work permit application is recommended for approval, the asylum seeker may not receive a work permit,
  • If an asylum seeker provides additional evidence documenting their asylum claim fewer than 14 days before their asylum interview, it may be considered an applicant-caused delay for purposes of a work permit resulting in no work permit being issued to the applicant,
  • An asylum seeker is not eligible for a work permit while they have an appeal pending in US federal court,
  • Asylum seekers who enter the country without inspection without “good cause” are not eligible for a work permit. “Good cause” is determined on a case-by-case basis.

¡Atención! Han habido cambios sobre las reglas del Permiso de Trabajo:

  • No se puede presentar una solicitud de permiso de trabajo hasta 365 días después de presentar una solicitud de asilo y retención de expulsión,
  • No será eligible para un permiso de trabajo si presenta la solicitud de asilo más de un año después de su fecha de entrada,
  • No será eligible para un permiso de trabajo si tiene una condena por un delito grave y/o un crimen no político fuera de los estados unidos,
  • Si usted es recomendado para una aprobación, eso no significa que esta autorizado para obtener un permiso de trabajo,
  • Si se presenta evidencia documental adicional menos de 14 días antes de la entrevista de asilo, puede ser considerado un retraso causado por el solicitante por propósitos del permiso de trabajo, entonces el permiso sera negado,
  • El permiso de trabajo no sera disponible durante el proceso de una apelación ante una corte federal,
  • No se otorgare permiso de trabajo si uno entro ilegalmente sin “buena causa”. Buena causa sera determinada dependiendo del caso de cada uno.

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